Shooting Traxxas Videos

Over the past year I've been working hard in the RC Video world… Although not under the iJumpRC name.  The good people over at Traxxas have been commissioning me to produce "iJumpRC Style" videos for their YouTube channel and website, and it has been a blast!

I'm a HUGE RC Fanatic, and these videos showcase what I love about RC.  Some people love to race, some love to crawl, some love scale trucks, or drifting, or bashing in the backyard.  I'm not sure what to call these videos.  "Freestyle RC?" Whatever you want to call it, they are the kind of videos I like to watch.  It's all about Imagination, Stunts, and Style… It's gotta look good, or it doesn't count.

Here are some of my favorite videos we've done recently…

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