Traxxas Bandit VXL stylish dirt jump
My name is Bryndon Smith and I am a fairly recent RC Junkie. I run a YouTube Channel called iJumpRC youtube.com/iJumpRC
Like many of you, I had RC cars when I was a kid. I re-discovered RCs recently at 33 years old. 

Most of my adolescence, I was into Extreme Sports... Snowboarding, Surfing, Aggressive Inline Skating, BMX, Wakeboarding, etc... My desire to go off jumps, get air, "go big" never faded however with a mortgage, a wife and a baby girl, my desire to keep all of my limbs and vital organs in working order has tempered the amount of "EXTREME" I can actually put my 33 year old body through. 
As I began to make videos, I discovered that it also satisfies much more; shooting and editing theses videos to share with the RC world has been an awesome creative outlet and has completely reinvigorated my passion for shooting/editing. Thanks to YouTube, I have an audience to entertain and I am slowly figuring out how to show my videos to more of the RC community. I love making them, but without someone to enjoy watching them, they are nothing.

For me, RC Jumping completely satisfies my need to "go big." I figured out real quick that the term "Bashing" most resembles what I like to do with my RC Car... with one primary exception. I do NOT like to crash my RC car, so I've made a pact with myself to post videos that promote Non-Bashing Bashing... or, some kind of freestyle, off-road jumping in which the primary goal is to do big, stylish jumps and LAND my RC car safely with minimal impact and minimal damage. If you want to subscribe to my philosophy of "Non-Bashing Bashing" subscribe to my YouTube Channel

You can help give my videos purpose by checking out my YouTube channel (iJumpRC - YouTube) and watching a few of my videos, I hope you will see my passion for these fantastic toys, and my passion for producing entertaining videos for YOU, the RC Fanatic! 

Drive on!
Bryndon Smith

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