RC VIDEO TIPS - Shooting Basics

I've been working in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years as a cameraman, editor, and producer.  I currently edit for the NFL Network, UFC, Razor USA, LA Kings, and a host of other fun clients.. Away from the day job, my hobby / passion is Producing RC Videos... I started iJumpRC just to have a little fun with RC Videos, and I produce RC Videos for the Traxxas YouTube Channel.

I've had TONS of people ask me for tips about shooting RC videos for YouTube... So here are a few BASIC tips to hopefully improve the quality of the RC Videos you are shooting.

 YouTube is in the midst of a massive revolution... People aren't just watching on their phone at lunch time, now it is easier than ever to watch your favorite YouTube content on your TV.   In order to separate your videos from the masses of bad YouTube content... it is important to step up your game... and start thinking like a TV Cameraman / Editor / Producer.

1) DON'T JUST LET IT ROLL! - So many people turn on the camera, hit record and just play with their RC cars in front of the camera, put that up on YouTube and expect their RC Video will get a million views like DJMedic2008 / RCSparks. All the props in the world to Aaron, he is an RC Video LEGEND! and I am a big fan.  However, it is important to think about what you want your video to look like, plan a few shots, and take a little extra time figuring out which angles would look best for the shot. Then do a few takes, try to get the shot to look the way you want it before you rush off to the next thing.

2) STEADY YOUR CAMERA - Whether you're shooting with a RED Camera, a GoPro, or an iPhone... your video will look like crap if its all shaky (i've been guilty of this on occasion).  If you can, put your camera on a tripod, set it on the ground or a rock, or if you have to hand-hold it, make a conscious effort to be REALLY smooth. If you have a friend hold your camera... tell them, "Make it REALLY smooth, or I will fly this RC car right into your face" (or find a nicer way to say that, having a friend that is willing to hold your camera is a valuable asset when it comes to making your own RC Videos).

3) SHOOT B-ROLL - Make sure you shoot additional shots besides just the RC Action.  Shoot some scenery of the primary location of your video, shoot close ups of your RC before you destroy the body, shoot anything funny or unique that happens while you are driving your RC, shoot a little bit of getting the RC prepped before you go run it...  Take a couple minutes to run down the trail with the camera at RC level (without the RC) to get a POV (point of view) shot to use for your edit.
All of this EXTRA footage will really help you sculpt your video into something truly entertaining.  It will win you subscribers, and keep viewers coming back.

These are just a few simple things you can do to make a world of difference with your videos.   This obviously just scratches the surface, but hopefully it gets you thinking... and will lead to much better RC videos on YouTube.

Leave a comment with your YouTube Channel so I can check it out! And if you have any specific questions, send me an E-Mail at iJumpRC@gmail.com.. I get a butt ton of e-mails, but I try to answer all the good ones.

If you get a chance, check out my YouTube Channel at www.YouTube.com/iJumpRC make sure to subscribe, and tell your friends to check it out! Also I put up a lot of pics on instagram @iJumpRC.

Happy RC Shooting!


  1. Im a huge fan of your videos! Im 16 years old and working on pursuing my dream of being a producer, filmer, and editor! If you could check out my YouTube channel! My channel name is Mad RCRacer. And maybe subscribe? If you do check my channel out definitely watch my EPIC RC SUMMER BASH TEASER I just released a week ago!! Youre a huge inspiration to me from the edits you do! I hope you get the chance to check my channel out and subscribe!
    Thanks TJ

    1. Thanks for the kind words. And good luck pursuing filmmaking. It's a fun career to go into. I'll go check out your youtube channel.