iJRC006 - Short Course - Slash 4x4 and HPI Blitz

A little short course truck fun on the short course in the side-yard. Obviously not a pro course, obviously not wicked technical driving.  Just good ol' fashioned RC fun in the yard, with some cool camera work and some good short-course RC truck hang-time.  Hope you enjoy it.

Here's the stats:
Cara: Traxxas Slash 4X4, HPI BLITZ
Drivers: Ethan Loera, Diego Loera
Location: Side yard practice course. iJumpRC headquarters.
Camera: Canon T2i 720p at 60fps
Editing: Bryndon Smith - Final Cut Studio 7
Royalty Free Music: Matthew Huffaker - http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe

:14 - This was never intended to be a course.  I just wanted one nice practice jump but... it kind of turned into a pseudo track. Anyways.. this is the jump that started the track. The Loera's were huckin' it.
:27 - Pretty decent hops for a 2wd brushed motor short-course truck.
:29 - I've never seen this tiny feature look so good.  Check that landing... So clean.
:33 - I need ideas on this section of the course, right now you just turn around and come back, I guess it's cool as long as you do it with style.
:46 - For all you drift fanatics out there, trucks can drift too. Love to watch this 4X4 power through the corner. Great control.
:52 - The jumps look pretty big, but, it's really a practice jump.  Still fun to watch the Traxxas Slash 4X4 fly through the air.  I think I need to move my landing ramp back about 6 feet.
1:13 - This tripple section quickly became my favorite part of the "track" if you hit it right, it's so smooth.  The double is fun to hit for anyone, the tripple's pretty hard without a Brushless w. LiPO.

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