iJRC005 - Backcountry - RC Jumping stunt gone wrong

More Traxxas Bandit VXL RC jumping action, and a little carving action too. One big backcountry stunt put my RC Car into an early retirement... for today.

Here's the stats:
Car: Traxxas Bandit VXL
Driver: Bryndon Smith
Location: South Ridge Park - Fontana, CA
Camera: Canon T2i 720p at 60fps
Editing: Bryndon Smith - Final Cut Studio 7
Royalty Free Music: Stephan Sechi - Old School (Pond5.com)

:03 - Cool berms at this park, it's actually a downhill mountainbike course.  Far to rocky for my taste.
:07 - Hard to get a clean take-off as rocky as it was.  This would have been a better area for a rustler or   revo.
:12 - The flying dust particles I added in Final Cut Pro.  You just put this shot "Real Dust Particles Flicker Slow" on the track above your footage, right click on the dust particles, select "composite mode" and select "add" this will key out the dark areas and add the light areas to your shot.  Gives it a cool look.
:15 - I had this wacky idea to try and to "Backcountry" RC Jumping... you know how snowboarders and skiers come launching off of massive boulders and land 50 feed below into the soft snow and since the landing is steep, they don't take too much impact and they can ski away uninjured. I wanted to try that.
:17 - So I spent the afternoon building a big dirt jump behind a boulder, and scraping/packing a nice smooth takeoff runway.
:20 - NEWS FLASH! THAT S**T DOESN'T WORK WITH AN RC CAR! at least not mine. lol. The jump wasn't nearly as big as I pictured it in my head, the ramp worked okay, but I needed a much longer runway. And the landing wasn't exactly powdery.
:28 - I destroyed my shock tower, my afternoon, and my pride. Oh well, maybe next time.

Broken Shock Tower, Ouch.

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