iJRC-004 - RC Car Epic Rhythm Jumps, Lands in Tree

My main goal for this video was to complete all the jumps in this rhythm section, it's not the longest line ever, but for a lil 1/10 Traxxas Bandit RC Car it took a little practice to work it out and finally get some jumps I was happy with.  I threw in a few other randome jumps that I hit that day, but mostly it was about doing the line of big jumps.

Here's the stats:
Car: Traxxas Bandit VXL
Driver: Bryndon Smith
Location: Norco Hills BMX Dirt Jumps
Camera: Daylon Smith - Canon T2i 720p at 60fps
Editing: Bryndon Smith - Final Cut Studio 7
Royalty Free Music: Kevin MacLeod - Dark World - incompetech.com

:19 - Yes... I showed a crash. Sue me. It ain't all fun n games.
:23 - You'll notice my awesome backpack, that's got my daughter Paisley in it.  She likes to go along on my lil' dirt jumping missions.
:28 - This is the biggest jump at this location, it's pretty fun.  I wish this whip was 100% on purpose.  I WAS trying to do a whip, but I kind of went off the side of the jump on that one and REALLY whipped it out. Still looks sick.
:37 - HATE the landing on this one, but the whip was just too sick to leave out.
:58 - Nice, clean Snap Indo.
1:02 - Here's where I actually start the rhythm section, first hit is this lil drop off.
1:09 - Second hit pretty short length and has a narrow take-off.
1:12 - Next jump is a bit of a step up, and puts you into the first of the bigger jumps.
1:16 - Probably my favorite jump, I think I could session just this jump for a full battery and have a pretty fun session.
1:20 - I've landed this jump plenty of times... but landing in the tree gave me a laugh so I figured it was a good way to end the piece. I land this jump plenty of times in iJRC-0002 - Best Backwards RC Jump Ever 

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  1. nice pictures . some time i also done the same with my friends. but we never done racing on mountains. it's really awesome idea.
    Adam smith