iJRC-002 - Best Backwards RC Jump Ever

For this video, I really wanted to see how big I could go and still land my jumps.  Also, played around with some jumping variety with the accidental air to body-jar to fakie and the backwards jump.  Probably my favorite session to date.  Only had 1 shock pop open durring my session.

Here's the stats:
Car: Traxxas Bandit VXL
Driver: Bryndon Smith
Location: Norco Hills BMX Dirt Jumps
Camera: Daylon Smith - Canon T2i 720p at 60fps
Editing: Bryndon Smith - Final Cut Studio 7
Royalty Free Music: "One Shot, One Kill" by Roberto Feltracco (Pond5.com)

:04 - F***ing off because I feel like it. Don't take me too seriously.
:10 - A few warm-up jumps on the smaller section.  Still the airs look pretty clean.
:22 - Had to include a nice whip, cause style in the air is what it's all about.
:30 - First time trying to hit this jump, and it was a little intimidating.
:36 - Just nice, big, clean airs.  Once I got these jumps dialed, they were fun.  Great thing about BMX dirt jumps like this is that there are nice big landing ramps.  I hate when RC cars land flat on the ground, aesthetically it interrupts the flow for me.
:55 - Cased this jump by accident, but it ended up being pretty cool because the car did a perfect 180 and rolled right into the landing ramp.  I'm calling it a Body-jar to fakie, (from the skateboarding term when you air out of a halfpipe, then land slaping your tail on the coping before dropping back into the ramp)
:58 - After that, it gave me the idea to try jumping backwards. Nothing wrong with a little creativity, as long as it looks good.
1:07 - Next it was time to hit the big canyon jump.  I didn't intend to try that jump, but everything else went so smooth, figured I'd give it a shot.  It worked out.
1:19 - Smaller wheel buggies are actually much harder to flip, I tried to figure it out anyways, this one felt like a very natural flip without being forced around by the throttle.

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